passion for Composing Music and creating Audio for Video



Spitfire Audio teamed up with HBO’s Westworld to bring an exclusive competition, judged by the show’s creators. Score a scene from Westworld Season 3 for your chance to win some amazing prizes – as well as the opportunity to showcase your work to the best in the business. Entries will be judged by an elite panel comprising the show’s composer, Ramin Djawadi, as well as the creators: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams and the team at Spitfire Audio.

This is my entry! Enjoy watching and listening. You want to listen to the music only or to some of my other tracks? Have a listen on my Soundcloud page.


Im proud to present some of my latest projects. Recently I have been working on projects for Kawasaki Motors Europe. Specification videos for the motorcycling freaks! This was in collaboration with F&P Media and Thumbed.

The new Z series needed a soundtrack that could cover the feel of the three bikes but with their own unique elements and custom made themes. Dark intro’s, heavy sound effects and energetic endings. Enjoy the results!


A lot of sounds where created from scratch to make a great audio video experience.

To support the astonishing video of the super-fast H2 Carbon, I made a track with a dark intro but an epic feel to emphasise the power and greatness of this motorbike. 



As  a composer and sound designer  I am always looking for enthusiastic creative people to make beautiful things with. For over 14 years I have been active in various fields within the multimedia world. I prefer to compose music in very different styles. I also have extensive experience with audio design, audio mixing / audio engineering, dubbing and accompanying voice-over recordings. With my knowledge and experience I am a valuable component, because I know how to respond to what a client wants and what a production needs. Custom composed music gives a production that unique feeling. And because no single film is the same, every time it is a fun new challenge to make music for it.